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safe against germs. Always.

ANTIGERM, the first range – all Italian – of handles and accessories with unlimited antibacterial protectionNOT ONLY AT HOME
ANTIGERM, is the ideal solution for turning your home in a sound place to live as well as for all public places where hygiene is an essential requirement.

REGUITTI, is dedicated by developing products that protect the environment and thus improve the living conditions.

AntiGerm kills 99,99% of germs

AntiGerm handles work 24/7reducing bacteria level of 99,99% without your effort. …continue

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Antigerm the effective solution with the best price

The first complete and rich range of handles and accessories with antibacterial protection capable of satisfying both your beauty
desires and hygienic needs.

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Handles in Stainless Steel

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Panic Exit Devices

Handles & accessories

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