How does it work?

AntiGerm kills 99,99% of germs

AntiGerm handles work 24/7
reducing bacteria level of 99,99% without your effort. The antibacterial action effectiveness has been scientifically tested. AntiGerm treatment is the ideal solution where hygiene is an essential requirement,
for example in childhood centres, kindergartens, nurseries, schools, hospitals, clinics, health home and last but not least your home. AntiGerm is a treatment which turns your home in a sound place to live.

Infact Antigerm is a treatment available on every Reguitti handle
of design and suitable to public standards.

Antigerm uccide oltre 650 specie batteriche

How does it works?

Thanks to Reguitti special AntiGerm treatment, in few minutes more than 650 germ species
as Escherichia coli, Legionella Pneumoniae, Salmonella Enteritidis etc.. can be killed in a safety way for the human being.
Every handle can be treated with silver ions and then it becomes an Antigerm product.
Silver ions are slowly released and kill viruses and germs. The ion, absolutely safe for the human being, attacks viruses DNA, blocking cells breathing and preventing
its reproduction

Our health begins where we touch.

The antibacterial action effectiveness has been scientifically tested

Antigerm has been certified by IMSL (UK Industrial Microbiological Services Limited) international laboratories according to ISO 22196:2007

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